Chinese law firm in Mississippi, Alabama, Texas

Zhang, Mingee & Associates Law Firm is a partnership law firm founded in 2018. Our Attorneys are licensed in Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi, and have extensive international experience and practical knowledge that allows them to provide effective and comprehensive legal services to our clients. We are located in the Jackson, Mississippi metro area.

Since its founding, Zhang, Mingee & Associates has served companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals in China, Singapore, United States America, Canada, South Africa and Thailand. Our clients operate in diverse fields including heavy equipment manufacturing and distribution, real property management and disposition, international trade, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, and business merger and acquisition.


The focus of our practice is on:

  • The Chinese community, consisting of individuals and companies who are in China and wish to do business in USA;
  • Chinese individuals who require legal services either in China or USA;
  • Non-Chinese companies who wish to do business in China or with Chinese companies.

We always believe in the highest level of integrity, following a people-oriented approach, and giving back to the community. We continue to follow the principle of “client first” in providing reliable and highly effective services.

Zhang, Mingee & Associates’ attorneys were educated in prestigious institutions in China and USA, providing us with a wide range of experience. Our members have lived and worked in China, Japan, and Hong Kong. We are a professional organization that combines international perspectives and local knowledge.

In addition, our law firm is attractive to clients for its ability to offer very competitive rates. An efficient cost-containment policy, coupled with the same high-level of experience and legal skills helps our clients better manage their legal costs. Our goal is to work within budgets and means while providing the experience to best resolve their legal issues.

Zhang, Mingee & Associates is dedicated to broad general practice of law, with special expertise in select areas, including Immigration law, Business law, Corporation Law, Contract Law, Real Property Law and Intellectual Property law.

The spirit of nonstop learning, strong tenacity, and continuous innovation is the backbone of Zhang, Mingee & Associates law firm service model. Our accurate detection and prompt reaction to the changes in law enables us to provide the most effective legal solutions.

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