16 March 2020

The Zhang, Mingee & Associates law firm has announced that, as a temporary public service, it will have its staff and associates to review insurance policies held by members of the Chinese business community. The reviews will be made at no cost to the policyholder The purpose of the review is to determine whether the policy holders may have a claim for any business interruption which may be caused by loss of business caused by the Covid19 virus. The Law Firm is donating its time for this project as a public service for our Community and not to solicit representation of an attorney-client relationship. Inquiries should be sent to: We will respond as quickly as volume permits. We salute the legendary pride, patience and discipline of the Chinese people and extend our best wishes to everyone during these difficult times.

Background of Zhang, Mingee: Zhang Mingee law firm practices international commercial law and immigration law and has on staff attorneys licensed in China and in various States of the USA. The Firm is associated with the Kang Qiao law firm in Shandong, China and also has association relationships in a number of states in the USA. Professional experience includes large and medium businesses in China and USA (and elsewhere) In addition to the traditional practice of civil law, experience includes teaching at a major East Coast University and counsel to a Committee of the U.S. Congress as well as with practice with a major law firm in Shenzhen, China. Having lived and worked in several countries, and having native fluency in Chinese, Khmer and English the staff is privileged to offer its invaluable inter-cultural insights for the benefit of its clients.