Zhang, Mingee & Associates international law firm provides legal support for different types of commercial business for Chinese enterprises in the United States interested in international investment. We also offer legal advice and services on behalf of U.S. companies in investment transactions in China.

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in international investment law. They are licensed in both China and the United States, providing cross-cultural legal services to our clients no matter where they are.


Chinese investors invest in the United States

As the world’s largest economy; the United States has a stable investment environment, abundant natural resources, advanced technology, sound infrastructure, and preferential investment policies. It has always been a hot spot for overseas investment in China. More and more Chinese companies, enterprises, and individuals have gone to the United States to invest in the establishment of enterprises, establish factories or cross-border acquisitions of U.S. companies. Our law firm provides comprehensive legal services on the establishment of companies, financing, and taxation in the United States. We not only provide transactional legal services, we also help and guide our clients in finding and evaluating potential projects and partners, conducting exhaustive due diligence on the target projects, assisting with liaison with the local government, and discussing various preferential investment policies. At the same time, we will also provide related immigration services for your staff to come to the United States for various types of visa services. We also provide all kinds of detailed information packages for those who intend to come to the United States, including but not limited to local investment policies, tax incentives, transportation, climate and local culture.

Foreign investors invest in China

We represent foreign investors in setting up various types of foreign investment projects in China and provide legal advice on foreign investment laws, regulations and policies in China. We assist clients in the feasibility study of investment projects, negotiation of joint ventures and cooperation projects, handling all legal formalities for setting up foreign-invested enterprises, and providing services for international clients in their mergers and acquisitions in China. Including but not limited to due diligence, drafting of documents, negotiation, issuing legal opinions, and completing transactions.

Successful cross-border investment can bring both countries’ economy to the next level and benefit both countries. It is a win-win project. Zhang, Mingee & Associates international law firm is committed to serving all types of companies, businesses, and individuals in China and the United States for cross-border investment. Whether you are in China or in the United States, as long as you have intentions to invest, please contact us. Our investment team lawyers will help to make the most suitable business investment plan for you.

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