We work with top U.S. background research companies to quickly provide you and your business with professional background checks including but not limited to criminal investigation, civil litigation, personal credit investigation, drug abuse investigation, professional sanctions investigation, traffic violation investigation and so on.

Pre-employment background check: Pre-employment background check is an essential step in recruitment process. In particular, when hiring an employee in a key position, the entry examination can investigate whether a new employee or job candidate has an adverse criminal record and credit issue. The company will have a clear understanding of potential employees  in order to avoid the high cost of employing due to improper employment.

Background Investigation of Tenants: If you have a property in the United State that needs to be leased out, you need to be extra cautious. Tenants are often found in cases of arrears of rent due to poor credit. In the event of such problems, not only the landlord can not receive any rent, but they may even be in danger of threatening your personal safety and real property safety. Therefore, it is better to carry out the corresponding background investigation on the lessee before you decide to lease out your property.

Background Investigation of Business Partners: When signing various contracts that will have a significant impact on your finances and economy, do not hesitate to do a background checks on the parties in order to prevent unnecessary economic loss due to ignorance of each other’s weaknesses occur. Zhang, Mingee & Associates law firm adhering to the “prevent in advance” principle, to help customers minimize the risk, is committed to working hard to serve and exceed customer expectations.