How Chinese FDI Will Transform the Global Economy—中国直接投资影响全球经济

中国直接投资影响全球经济— 直接投资在影响全球经济的发展中起到了举足轻重的作用。科学技术迅猛发展,经济技术交流日益扩大,资金、技术、人力及其它资源,已经突破国家间的界限,在国际范围内有选择地进行资源配置,争取国际市场和投资机会。中国虽然在即将过去的2017年中,对外投资的脚步放缓,但仍然有83亿美元的投资额。中国政府在最新直接投资向导中着重鼓励对高科技、重要的基础设施和自然资源的直接投资。我们有足够的信心2018年中国的直接投资会加快步伐,引领世界经济飞速发展。我骄傲!

Many forces shaping the global economy receive a significant amount of attention, including commodity prices, international trade flows, and automation. But one driver with the potential to transform the global economy is often overlooked: foreign direct investment (FDI), particularly by Chinese companies. While some attention is paid to China’s ability to attract inward FDI — it has ranked among the top three destinations on A.T. Kearney’s FDI Confidence Index since its inception in 1998, for instance — China’s outward FDI is now becoming more consequential. And although some big international acquisitions by Chinese companies have made the headlines, the overall trend of Chinese outbound investment receives less attention. China’s outbound FDI has been growing dramatically in recent years, and new government policies on which types of investments are allowed have set the stage for significant shifts in the global economy.