Rui Zhang, Chinese Lawyer - A Chinese attorney in Mississippi, AlabamaRui Zhang is a Chinese attorney licensed in Alabama and Texas. She is a partner in Zhang, Mingee & Associates Law Firm. She specializes in foreign direct investment, international business law, corporation law, business law, and immigration law.

She has served many big companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals in China, Singapore, United States America, Canada, South Africa and Thailand. She has in-depth knowledge and extensive practice experience in heavy equipment manufacturing and distribution, real property management and disposition, international trade, pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution, and business merger and acquisition.

She is licensed in both mainland china and United States. With her bilingual skills and both American and China legal background, she is building up a bridge between United States and China to help more people with legal issues.

She is currently located in the Birmingham, Alabama and Jackson, Mississippi metro areas.